Equine Hydrotherapy is a 100% natural alternative to drugs. It is widely used by top professionals and therapy yards and is a proven technique often administered by the veterinary industry. At Dunblane Equestrian Centre, our therapy also includes a top of the range Horse Walker and Solarium Hydrotherapy uses saline water to keep horses wounds thoroughly clean, this, together with the oxygenating jets, increases blood circulation which accelerates tissue re-growth and decreases over all healing time. The hydrotherapy also provides analgesic pain management.


Spelling Farm

Spelling, specifically aimed at the competition horse, is a period of rest and recuperation aimed at getting your horse ready for the competition arena again.

At Dunblane Equestrian Centre, our spelling packages are unique as they include Equine Hydrotherapy-a service rarely offered on spelling programmes! Are individually built packages for each horse's needs.

  • Is your horse recovering from an operation?

  • Does he/she require rehabilitation after an injury?

  • Does your horse simply need to rest?

  • Or, maybe, the horse needs an exercise programme?

Based on our assessment, we have different options available for each horse's needs, ranging from our exclusive Equine Hydrotherapy service to Horse Walkers as well as physiotherapy and so much more Dunblane Equestrian Centre also offers 24 hour on-call veterinary services, On-site managers for 24 hour as well as individual and group paddocks.

All Spelling Packages Include

Vets on Standby

Horse walks for fitness

Fields for grazing for "Let down"